Gordon Odira, a man whose heart burns with fervor and devotion, stands as a pillar of faith within the Christ Is The Answer Ministries (CITAM) since his ordination. Like a roaring fire that cannot be quenched, his belief in the transformative power of Christianity has ignited the hearts of those around him, making him an esteemed luminary within his community.

Pastor Gordon possesses a remarkable ability to intertwine the teachings of Christ with the tapestry of everyday existence. His words, like threads delicately woven into a grand design, reveal a conviction that the Christian life should permeate and shape every facet of public existence. From the corridors of politics to the halls of education and the arenas of social justice, his unwavering faith serves as a beacon, guiding others to walk the path of righteousness.

With an understanding as profound as the deepest ocean depths, he effortlessly bridges the gap between biblical principles and their practical application. Like a master craftsman, he skillfully carves out wisdom from the sacred texts, fashioning it into a beacon of light that illuminates the paths of those who seek guidance. As a result, his counsel and mentorship are sought by many who hunger for spiritual nourishment.

But beyond the confines of the pulpit, Gordon Odira dons another mantle—that of a devoted family man. His marriage to Nice Fidélité, a union steeped in love and commitment, stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication in building strong and harmonious relationships. Just as a skilled gardener tends to his precious blossoms, Pastor Gordon nurtures the bonds within and outside the church, fostering an environment where love flourishes.

The embers of faith burn bright within Pastor Gordon, igniting a passion for the intertwining of faith with all aspects of life. He believes that true transformation occurs when individuals wholeheartedly embrace their faith, allowing its flame to engulf every nook and cranny of their existence. From the realms of personal connections to the corridors of professional endeavors, he imparts insights and guidance that kindle the fires of faith, urging countless souls to embody their beliefs with fervor and purpose.

Guided by an unwavering love for God, Pastor Gordon assumes the mantle of leadership with tenderness and sagacity. His gentle spirit, akin to a soothing balm, heals the wounds of the weary and provides solace to the troubled. With words of compassion and wisdom that flow like a tranquil river, he shepherds his congregation towards spiritual growth, urging them to transcend their comfort zones and become beacons of light in their communities.

Gordon Odira’s journey as a Pastor can be likened to a river carving its course through unyielding terrain. Driven by an ardent desire to witness lives transformed and communities touched by the power of Christ, he has become an esteemed and influential figure within CITAM and far beyond its borders. His dedication, passion, and unswerving faith have etched his name in the annals of spiritual leadership, serving as an inspiration to all who encounter his radiant spirit.

Contact Gordon

  • Email: sgodira@www.thekenyanscribe.com