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Business January 2, 2024

Kenya to Become a Visa-Free Nation : More to Expect in the New Year 2024

2023 was a critical year. The world’s economy was highly shaken with fears of recession across the globe. The Kenyan shilling experienced a huge blow and closing at 155 shilling against the US Dollar is a clear indicator of the higher degree of stability of Kenya’s economy. But despite the economic uncertainty, Kenyans and the world remain steadfast in seeing a better 2024

Things to Do November 5, 2023

Safe Online Sites for Children to Visit This Holiday

The internet is a vast resource, and with the right guidance, it can be a wonderful tool for children during the holiday season. These safe online sites offer education and entertainment that can keep kids engaged, learning, and having fun. This holiday, introduce your child to these trusted online resources and watch them learn, create, and enjoy their time while staying safe in the digital world.

Nairobi Living October 12, 2023

Should we Still expect Elnino Rains?

At the beginning of October, the weatherman insisted that the Elnino Rains would still happen. The rains are expected probably from this month towards the end of the year. Like most Kenyans, I am also torn between believing the weatherman or leaving my umbrella at home as I step out. But as we always say here, time will tell. So let us wait and see.

Nairobi Living October 4, 2023

Best Nyama Choma Joints In Karen, Nairobi.

If you love food like me, you’ll agree that Karen is also home to excellent cuisine. But for Nyama Choma? Let’s say this is the little-known secret about Karen. I know we are used to Kitengela being the hub of authentic Nyama Choma, but I am here to burst your bubble!

Business, Technology September 26, 2023

People are Switching to Electric Cars in Kenya! Here is why

Electric mobility discussions have lately taken center stage in many countries across the globe. Electric mobility is becoming a better choice than other energy sources, including geothermal, hydro, and wind, as it has minimal emissions. Electric vehicles represent the next frontier for the African automotive market. Kenya, which is predominantly known for petrol/diesel-powered vehicles, is slowly warming up to electric mobility.

Other August 28, 2023

How to Get Children Back to Their Routine After the August Holidays

Getting your children back to their regular school-going routine can be challenging. Holidays are often filled with a lot of excitement, a lot of traveling, and a lot of adventure-packed activities. For instance, most parents would prefer spending their Sundays at fun places till late this August holidays, knowing that they don’t have to worry about kids going to school the following day.