We all love Karen and everything associated with it. It is one of the famous suburbs in Nairobi and one of the essential sights to see visiting Nairobi. Karen was named after Karen Blixen, who was featured in the movie “Out of Africa”.

Karen is a hotspot for fashion and outdoor-driven residents or travelers. With outstanding malls like the Galleria, The Waterfront Mall, and The Hub Mall, you will agree with me that there is so much to do in Karen.

Karen is also known for its numerous attractions, including the Giraffe Centre, where you get to interact with the beautiful, sassy, and majestic giraffes for about an hour, The David Sheldrick Elephant and Rhino Nursery, Oloolua Nature Train, Giraffe Manor, and the famous Karen Blixen Museum.

Oh, hail, foodies! If you love food like me, you’ll agree that Karen is also home to excellent cuisine. But for Nyama Choma? Let’s say this is the little-known secret about Karen. I know we are used to Kitengela being the hub of authentic Nyama Choma, but I am here to burst your bubble!

  1. GMC Choma Ranch and Pizzeria

GMC Choma Ranch and Pizzeria is a newly launched restaurant at the Waterfront Mall, Karen, which considers itself a haven for the best Nyama choma and pizza. From the moment you step into the restaurant, you’ll be captivated by its unique ambiance and outstanding décor that reflects that would make you even stay longer.

But just before you explore the inside, you meet a unique pizza set up, where you can enjoy your Nyama Choma with Kenyan Ugali, chips, or Mukimo while guessing at the man-made lake right before you. I know it’s Karen, and it might get cold outside. Well, GMC Karen installed a fire pit, so you don’t have to worry about the cold piazza all the time.

Forgive me, but I feel like I have more words to say about this unique restaurant. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been here before.  Now, back to the menu. GMC’s Nyama Choma, also called Grilltopia, is locally sourced and grilled to smoky perfection.

GMC Choma Ranch is family-friendly, so you can come with the little ones to enjoy the tender Nyamaa Choma. As you wait for your time, the little ones can get busy at GMC’s Play Area, featuring exciting games like VR, PS4, Block-building, and more.

  1. The Big Smoke Karen

If you ply the robust Ngong  Road, chances are high you’ve spotted the Big Smoke Restaurant along the route as you approach Karen. The hotel regards itself to be the center for juicy smoked meats, among other exclusive meals. The restaurant is barely a year into business but seems to have captured the hearts of Nyama choma lovers from Karen and beyond.

Its inside features various seating arrangements. Families prefer the practical bench seating arrangement, but if you are on a solo date, you can easily get away with the high seats at the center of the saloon bar.  The Big Smoke is generous in space, and you’ll probably be amazed watching the chefs do their thing as you wait for your meal.

The Big Smoke pays homage to the love of Nyama Choma by Kenyans. The meals are hygienically served in a family-oriented setting, where the main mess has no television to foster effective family bonding. However, it is also a perfect spot for live music and sports lovers.

  1. Mbuzi Munch

As the name suggests, Mbuzi Munch regards itself to be the finest Nyama Choma joint in the Karen area. Located at Galleria Mall along Lang’ata Road, Mbuzi Munch features free-range goats, compassionately raised and only served at a minimum weight of 13KGs. Since the animals served are all young, this choma joint guarantees you the tenderness and succulence you’ve always wanted.

Mbuzi Munch is generous with information on its official website. You’ll notice further that they also share a little more about their preparation process. They explain that before their meat is barbecued, it is infused with a special blend of spices and herbs to bring out the authentic Kenyan Nyama Choma taste.

I may not have much to say about Mbuzi Munch’s ambiance, but I guess I should make a point to visit them soon. So stay here as more updates will follow. Mbuzi Munch has a diverse menu, which I believe will satisfy your cravings. You can either opt to sit in, take away, or ask for deliveries.

  1. Eagle Peak Spur Steak Ranch

Last but definitely not the least is Eagle Peak Spur, at the Hub Karen. I won’t promise you authentic Kenyan Nyama Choma, but I can assure you that here you’ll find some mouthwatering char-grilled meat that will leave you craving for more.  Eagle Peak Spur is a steak house featuring locally sourced meat carefully prepared to fit the whole family.

I must admit I included this restaurant for the love I have for pork ribs. I highly recommend you to visit Eagle Peak Spur at the Hub Karen on Thursdays when you get to enjoy as much char-grilled ribs as you can at only Kshs. 2700.

That sums up the top places to visit if you are looking for tasty Nyama Choma in Karen. Do you feel like there is a top Nyama Choma Joint in Karen that I left out? Let me know in the comments section. But before then, why don’t you visit these four places and share your experience with us? See you in the next read.