Hey, it’s Monday again! No matter how much you dread this day, it is evident you cannot run away from it. Hard as it may sound, I am here to share tips to help you look forward to Monday and make the best of it. 

I understand that we live in a world where weekends are glorified while weekdays, especially Mondays, are considered little devils. So whether you already have a dream job or are yet to find one, here are some things to do to turn around your perspective.

  1. Create a Monday morning routine and stick to it.

According to experts,  a routine effectively reduces stress that would have led to other mental health issues, such as anxiety. So come up with a simple Monday morning ritual like cleaning up your work area for the week or grabbing a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop. Make it fun so that you can always look forward to it. 

      2. Start your Monday with an energy boost.

Don’t skip your workout on a Monday. It is the best way to boost your mood and overall emotional state, so do it religiously. Regular exercises also play a crucial role in releasing feel-good endorphins to help you feel energized for the week ahead. 

       3. Set the pace for the week.

Look at Monday as a start of a marathon but not a sprint. Don’t throw everything you have at it, but consider taking progressive steps to foster a productive week. Remember to add a little fun to it. Go out for lunch with friends or go on a solo date.

      4. Maintain your sleep schedule over the weekend.

This might not sit well with most of us since you can argue that going to bed at a good time on a weekend is nearly impossible. Additionally, if you are busy, Saturday and Sunday are better days to have an extended nap.

But it’s essential to understand that shifting your sleep schedule could cause fatigue, depression, or even heart disease. So waking up at the same time as on weekdays will help you stay “normal” on a Monday morning.