If you have been following our conversations, you’ll agree that more changes on Twitter Now X were expected. 

From the moment Elon Musk, The Tesla and Space X CEO, announced that he would buy the platform, rid the platform of spam, and promote free speech, users have constantly been treated to multiple changes, and it seems Elon won’t stop anytime soon. 

And now, the X app will not be free. Mr. Elon revealed that he would introduce a small monthly fee for using the platform. 

In a live-streaming conversation with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Elon stated that introducing a Paywall to the platform would effectively deal with the bots problem, although he did not reveal how much the subscription would cost. 

It is also not clear whether some features will be available for free. While eliminating bots was Elon’s major mission as he acquired the platform, he has not yet revealed how many authentic users are on the platform versus bots. 

We may also not know when this will likely be affected, but as we always say on this platform, let us wait and see!