As the world evolves, the number of freelancers in the country keeps increasing. As of 2020, a source revealed that the online gig economy employed over 36K freelancers. In separate findings, reported that African freelancers make up to 10% of the world’s freelance workforce as of 2021. 

The number of freelancers is still on a steady rise. Additionally, the startup market is booming, and entrepreneurs are leaning toward shared spaces instead of traditional offices.

So whether you are a solo entrepreneur, freelancer, a small business, or simply looking for a conducive environment to boost your productivity, here is a list of Nairobi’s best collaborative office spaces worth considering.

  1. Arbor House Coworking Space

Arbor House Coworking and Arbitration Center are first on the list of the best coworking centers in Nairobi. It is relatively new in the market but stands out for its infrastructure, strategic location, offerings, and flexible rates. 

Its space options include bar stool seating, ideal for individuals looking for a flexible and inspiring environment, private offices to accommodate up to 10 pax and meeting rooms with access to ultra-modern conferencing equipment. 

Coworkers can benefit from the innovative and tech-forward space with high-speed internet, intercom system, breakout areas, and 24-hour security, among other benefits. The coworking space is located at Arbor House Business Center along Arboretum Drive. You can get more details through its contact page or Facebook

2. The Mint Hub

Another coworking center worth considering is The Mint Hub. Mint Hub claims to offer a premium yet affordable coworking solution at the heart of Nairobi’s Westlands area. Its offices are designed to accommodate individuals and teams of all sizes. 

Its virtual office package is ideal for solo entrepreneurs who use office spaces a few times a month. A shared private office is perfect for small businesses, while a standard desk gives entrepreneurs and freelancers a permanent seating position at Mint Hub. 

You’ll highly benefit from the space’s onsite storage lockers, high-speed internet, and flexible work arrangements. Take a 360 tour of the Mint Hub through the website or get more details from their direct contacts

3. Nairobi Garage

Nairobi Garage is more focused on creating communities of innovative companies and professionals. It is one of the largest coworking centers offering solutions for new and growing businesses, including SMEs, entrepreneurs, independent professionals, and giant corporations. 

Nairobi Garage is a community of invaluable high-impact ventures that exposes users to various networking events, workshops, and marketing support. Nairobi Garage is led by a fantastic team- 99% women, who believe in fair, transparent, and honest service.

Nairobi Garage states on its website that it has hosted over 300 companies and multiple professionals who have since scaled up to heights beyond their physical capacity. They have branches in Karen, Westlands, Kilimani, CBD, and Spring Valley. Contact them here

4. Ikigai

Ikigai is a unique office space. It is a wellness-focused shared office space ideal for individuals, startups, and large corporations. Niaorbi has more than one location. Each location is tailored to meet the needs of users.

Some facilities you can enjoy at Ikigai include private offices for individuals or companies, shared spaces designed to promote collaboration, and an events space for your upcoming event. They also have provisions for indoor and outdoor conferencing.

Find Ikigai in Lavington, Westlands, Lower Kabete, or Riverside. Members can also grab a cup or a snack from Roasted Truth Cafe, a members-only cafe that brings entrepreneurs together. Get in touch with the team for more information. 

5. Jenga Leo

Last but not least is Jenga Leo. Jenga Leo is about work, play, and connect with like-minded professionals. It claims to be the best coworking center in Westlands, featuring contemporary and expansive facilities for business and individual success.

With Jenga Leo, you’ll discover a range of private offices, spacious conference facilities, well-equipped meeting rooms, and events spaces, among other facilities designed to meet your personal or company success. 

Jenga Leo also minds your wellness, so after a successful workday, you can unwind at their rooftop bar and gym or relax and refocus at their ultra-modern meditation room. Get more details here. 

Final Words

There you have it! Five top coworking centers worth considering in Nairobi. One thing that stands out about these locations is that they are all designed to foster collaboration and high productivity levels. 

You should do your due diligence to ensure that you only settle for a coworking space that meets your needs. I have included the details of their contracts, so you can virtually compare the services you anticipate.