The coworking space market cannot be stopped. Their popularity is rising, and we cannot deny that coworking spaces are here to stay. Coworking spaces are popular for good reasons. 

They are a budget-friendly option for new and small businesses and play a key role in helping coworkers replicate a sense of community they could be missing from a traditional office.

A coworking space allows you to interact with like-minded individuals and people with different perspectives for a well-rounded experience. So to make the best out of these spaces, here are five factors to consider.

  1. Location

The first thing to consider when looking for a coworking space is location. If you have a team, pick a central location for easy commuting. If you also meet clients regularly, consider a coworking space close to their offices. 

Remember, it is not just a coworking space but rather an integral part of your business presentation to your clients. So ensure you like the space lest you waste resources on a space you will never utilize. 

  2. Space options

Coworking spaces are growing in popularity because of their flexibility. Consider your budget and the amenities the space offers. Does it meet your needs? If not, consider looking elsewhere.

Even with space options, you don’t have to choose based on one or two attributes. I highly recommend a space like Arbor House Coworking and Arbitration Centre, which has multiple space options to suit your daily working needs. 

Arbor’s hybrid coworking space has ultra-modern drop-in desks designed for inspiring workspaces. Their space options include bar-stool seating, private offices, a phone booth, meeting rooms, breakout areas, a creche for working moms, and an arbitration center, among other exciting spaces. 

   3. What is in for you

When looking for a coworking space, consider also what is in for you. Apart from a conducive environment and a sense of community, what else will elevate your experience? Most Coworking Centers are generous with information on their website, so be sure to check out before deciding.

Some of the value additions to look out for include break-out areas, availability of printing, whiteboards, 24/7 biometric access,  security, parking space, water supply, internet connectivity, and CCTV.

  4. Internet speed

It’s evident that almost all coworking spaces offer internet connectivity, some at no charge. But based on the nature of your work, just internet connectivity is not enough. You also need to consider factors such as bandwidth or internet speed.

Find out if you will share the same wifi, especially if you intend to book a private office. If yes, how many people will you be sharing the internet with? If there are monthly charges, how will you be paying?

5. Pricing

Before settling, you need to find out whether the coworking space in mind suits your budget. Remember, you might not only be paying for the monthly membership charges but also other charges for printing, equipment you may need to bring, and commuting charges. 

In most cases, your membership fees will include maintenance-related costs, IT support, air conditioning, furnishings, and power backup, which could have cost you if you were to rent a space of your own.

That wraps up the five most crucial factors when looking for a coworking space. Other factors worth considering include security, privacy, what customers say about the coworking space in question and their availability on social media.

The list might not be exhaustive, as Coworking spaces are dynamic.  Like any other service, make sure you do due diligence before committing.