A few days ago, I shared about the tremendous changes that Elon Musk had made on the once most beloved app, Twitter. Barely a week later, Meta’s boss Mark Zuckerberg released an app with most features similar to Twitter.

Is it a game of chances? Or another episode of internet rivalry? Zuckerberg shared that the new app hit the 30 million user mark a few hours after its launch. Many brands, journalists, celebrities, and prominent social media accounts have joined Threads.

What you need to know about Threads

Threads is a new social media app by Meta (Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp). The app has the same functionality as Twitter and is believed to be a worthy competitor to Elon Musk’s Twitter. 

Its news feed is primarily meant for text-based posts, though the app allows users to attach photos and videos. According to Meta, users can share up to 500 characters, and like Twitter, users can also reply, like, or reshare posts.

The app beautifully integrates with Instagram, so users do not need to create a new account as long as they have an Instagram account. Users can list their accounts as private or public, while verified Instagram accounts are automatically verified on Threads.

The Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, states that the app’s primary purpose is to create a friendly online space where users can freely create conversations. The app is also meant to amplify Instagram, but it’s more inclined to share texts, ideas, and what is on people’s minds. 

As mentioned, you can sign up for Threads using your Instagram profile credentials. However, you can edit your account to suit what you wish to achieve on Threads. You’ll hit the ground running by importing the accounts you follow from Instagram.

On the downside, it is not easy to leave the app. While you can temporarily suspend your Threads account for some time, deleting the account could also mean deleting your Instagram account. 

It’s no doubt that Threads is already causing a severe threat to Twitter, which received a lot of backlash over the past weekend. Elon Musk took over Twitter in October 2022, but since then, the app has become vulnerable, angering users with unending restrictions on how much content they should consume and how long they should stay on the app. 

However, to establish a solid reputation and become a top choice over  Twitter, Threads must work on ways to prevent spam, false claims, harassment, and conspiracy theories. For now, let us wait and see. 

The app is currently available in over 100 countries, and you can download it from Google PlayStore for Android and AppStore for iOS.