If you love WhatsApp Messenger, this one is for you. Have you recently noticed a few changes on the app? If not, head over to Google PlayStore or AppStore to update your app and start enjoying the new features.

 Instant Video Messages

First, Whatsapp has introduced instant video messages. Cool right? But how cool? According to WhatsApp, the platform is dedicated to redefining how people communicate by offering quick and secure solutions like instant videos.

This feature lets you record and share short personal videos with your contacts. The feature offers an exciting to respond to chats in real time. The 60-second video helps you communicate better with all emotions for all kinds of shared moments. 

Sending a Whatsapp Instant Message is the same as sending a voice note. Just tap to change voice to video mode, then hold to record and release to send. The videos will automatically play on mute when opened in a chat and only play sound when opened. 

Silence Unknown Callers and Privacy checkup

Like any other app, your privacy on WhatsApp matters a lot. WhatsApp put in place end-to-end encryption to ensure that all calls and messages are secure. 

Other security mechanisms in place include disappearing messages and screenshot blocking by only allowing your message recipient to view a message once and keeping your online presence private. 

Whatsapp continues to add more layers of security, and this time, the platform has put in place measures to ensure that you silence all unknown callers. The feature gives you more privacy and power to control all incoming calls.

The feature automatically screens out spam, scammers, and calls from strange contacts. Suspicious calls will not ring on your phone. However, you’ll find them on your call list. Therefore, you can call back if the app blocks an important contact. 

Final Words

That’s it for today. As mentioned, Whatsapp continually adds layers of security to ensure that you have a safe and secure chatting experience. So expect more updates to come, and you can be sure to find them here. Till next read!