TikTok has announced that its users can express their creativity through text-only posts. The video-sharing app will allow users to share up to 1,000 words to expand their content creation boundaries.

The TikTok team claims that it’s always working to empower creators with innovative tools to inspire their self-expression and that text-only posts are meant to unleash the creativity that the app has witnessed in the comments section.

TikTok further states that text-based posts offer a simple publishing experience and that the format will allow users to add colored backgrounds or stickers to make their posts outstanding. Other features to try with text posts include tags and hashtags, draft and discard, and sound, which is core to the TikTok experience.

Creating a text post is simple. Simply go to your camera page, and choose text from the three options (photo, video, or text). TikTok will direct you to a page where you can type your content. Customize your post with familiar options such as adding location, sound, and enable comments or duets.

TikTok is now the latest social media giant to exploit Twitter’s dwindling popularity. TikTok’s announcement also comes just days after Twitter announced that it was rebranding to X, a move that was met with much criticism from its users.

Another tech giant that took advantage of Twitter’s downside as a result of significant changes by Mr. Elon was Meta. The Meta CEO, Mr. Zuckerberg, also exploited the unhappy Twitter users and advertisers to launch Threads in early July.

Threads amassed a following of over 30 million users within 24 hours of its launch, and there was no doubt that the app would be an ultimate competitor to Twitter. But with popular apps like TikTok also joining in the bid to replace Twitter, who knows which app is next?