The past weekend Twitter users were hit with yet another news on major changes on the giant social media app. The Twitter CEO announced drastic changes that would limit usability among Twitter lovers. 

Mr. Elon stated that non-registered users could no longer view tweets as before and imposed a limit on the number of tweets ordinary users can view daily. The app now restricts unverified users to 600 tweets, while premium users can access up to 6,000 daily tweets.

Mr. Elon further explained in a post that the move was to address the extreme levels of data scraping and system manipulation, adding that new unverified users will only access 300 tweets per day. 

Moments later, the business mogul announced that the rate limit would soon go up to 8000 for verified users, 800 for unverified users,  and 400 for new unverified users. Elon justified his move by noting that all users are somehow addicted to the app and that he is actually doing a good deed to the world by helping people take necessary breaks and go outside. 

Earlier on, Twitter published more limits to alleviate its behind-the-scene operations and reduce downtime. Some of these limits include 500 direct messages to be sent daily, 2,400 tweets per day, 400 follow limit, and account-based follow limits once a user follows 5,000 users. 

It will be no surprise if more changes to the app are on the way. By now, we have a clue on operation patterns for Elon Musk, and users shouldn’t be surprised when more restrictions are imposed on their most beloved app. 

It’s clear that many users are not happy with the move, as most of them took to the app to vent about their irritation with the drastic changes. We can only hope for the best. But before then, We are on Facebook!