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Business August 4, 2023

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Coworking Space

The coworking space market cannot be stopped. Their popularity is rising, and we cannot deny that coworking spaces are here to stay. Coworking spaces are popular for good reasons. 

They are a budget-friendly option for new and small businesses and play a key role in helping coworkers replicate a sense of community they could be missing from a traditional office.

Technology July 27, 2023

You Can Now Create Text Only Posts on TikTok

Creating a text post is simple. Simply go to your camera page, and choose text from the three options (photo, video, or text). TikTok will direct you to a page where you can type your content. Customize your post with familiar options such as adding location, sound, and enable comments or duets.

Technology July 25, 2023

Is Threads Going Down?

Threads was launched at a time when Twitter was undergoing major changes that irked its users. Forbes reports that within the first two days of Threads’ launch, Twitter’s web traffic went down by 5%.

This is only a segment of Twitter’s turmoil, as under Elon Musk’s controversial leadership, the company’s value dropped to $15 billion, almost a third of what Elon paid for its acquisition. But as I always say, time will tell.

Technology July 24, 2023

Twitter Rebranding to

Elon Musk has announced yet again changes to the once most loved microblogging platform, Twitter. This time, the changes are not about features or paywalls but the name. Somehow we expected this. Mr. Elon announced on a Sunday that Twitter will soon shade its feathers, and the iconic Twitter bird will be replaced by X. By Monday US time, was already pointing at

Business July 23, 2023

5 Best Coworking Spaces in Nairobi, Kenya

The number of freelancers is still on a steady rise. Additionally, the startup market is booming, and entrepreneurs are leaning toward shared spaces instead of traditional offices. So whether you are a solo entrepreneur, freelancer, a small business, or simply looking for a conducive environment to boost your productivity, here is a list of Nairobi’s best collaborative office spaces worth considering.

Other July 10, 2023

How to Stay Motivated on Monday

We all dread Mondays at some point. Sometimes weekends feel like a Friday afternoon, and within no time, you’ll be talking about Monday. Monday blues can make you feel anxious and depressed and make it difficult to slide into a productive working week after a two-day break.